Llon Penhall Rees

While going through some old papers, I came across some autograph books. One entry perked my interest because he actually had a stamp of himself made. Who does that? He must be someone important (I thought) and I just had to find out who he was.


It did not matter how many ways I typed his name into a search engine, nothing would come up.



At first I thought it was Sion P. S. Rees. Nothing. By going on the last name only, I happened upon someone else looking for him at wiki, only she was searching for a Lion P. S. Rees. It was about a quote that was making its rounds with dog loving people.

“Gratitude: that quality which the Canine Mongrel seldom lacks; which the Human Mongrel seldom possesses!” Lion P.S. Rees

Searching for a Lion Rees proved impossible. Not willing to give up, I kept trying different ways and finally hit pay dirt. It was not Lion, but Llon, two L’s.

I know he was  Rev. Dr. Llon P. S. Rees. He wrote poetry, was into yoga. What else might I find?

He is listed as writing letters to science fiction magazines here.

He was arrested and then freed under The War  Act for handing out literature interfering with recruitment.

(I can’t remember where I found these articles or I would post the source)

From reading these papers, I now know he was a minister of the First Church of the Illuminati. In the other article, the church is listed as “Illuminati Church, Incorporated 1939. He also held a diploma from the Mystic Brotherhood University in Tampa, Florida.

It didn’t stop there. He was a vocal opponent and Secretary Treasurer of The Canadian Anti-Capital Punishment Association located in Toronto, Ontario. Canada’s Executioner must have been asked to join the movement and said he would willingly hang the man who sent him the invitation if he were ever charged with murder.

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From those articles we now that he was also a music teacher.

I did find another Autograph Book in which he was the only one who signed it.


I will post more on the Churches and anything else he belonged to when time permits. I do think he qualifies for an Interesting Person.


Race on Trial” (from google)


Feminized Justice: The Toronto Women’s Court 1913-1934 (from google)

Fellows of the College by examination. pdf




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“A (New Era) Kosmon Revelation in The Words of Jehovih and the Angel Embassadors. A Sacred History of the Dominions of the Higher and Lower Heavens of the Earth for the Past Thousand Years.

Being From the Submersion of the Continent of Pan in the Pacific Ocean, Commonly Called The Flood or Deluge to the Kosmon Era. Also a Brief History of the Preceding Forty- Five Thousand Years.

 Together With A Synopsis of The Cosmogony of the Universe; The Creation of the Planets; The Creation of Man; The Unseen Worlds; The Labor and Glory of Gods and Goddesses in the Etherean Heavens;

With  the New Commandments of Jehovih to Man of the Present Day. With Revelations From the Second Resurrection, Formed in Words in the Thirty-Third Year of the Kosmon Era. 1935: Anno Kosmon 87, Kosmon Press, Los Angeles and London”

I thought this was just another interpretation of the Bible by a man who claimed much was left out. Note to self: Never assume!

Ends up it is “a book written in 1880 by an American dentist named John Ballou Newbrough [1828-1891]. He claimed that it was the result of automatic writing, dictated to him by spirits in a trance.” A fact that I read about at a website titled “Sacred Texts” You can read it here.

As noted at Educate Yourself:  “The book is laid out like a bible with chapter and verse numbered, but with the upper half of each page describing fourth dimensional history and the lower half of each page recalling images of ancient third dimensional struggles to attain ascension and the freedom to grow spiritually beyond the limits of the incarnate body.”

Another reason I never really looked at it was because he was a dentist back in the day. Probably using mercury and other toxic chemicals on a daily basis. I thought: No wonder he was having hallucinogenic behavior.

Then I came across things like you see in in the picture below and became interested in what was written. All this time it has been sitting there because I never really did more than flip through a few pages.


For those of you wanting to know more about this, there is a website titled Study of Oahspe with plenty of information.

Gail Allen has a digital copy that can be read on-line.