Rosary Novenas to Our Lady

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This booklet “Rosary Novenas to Our Lady” is tucked in an old leather cover. I love theĀ  look of it. It belonged to a nun and by the look of it, she must have opened it to read the Novenas, many times during her life.

It was printed on February 6, 1925 in memory of The Very Rev. Monsignor William L. Liddy. (dod: February 16, 1924) Benziger Brothers, Inc. Printers to the Holy See.

The crocheted Apostleship of Prayer was set between the two front covers and looks quite new. Maybe whoever had it last put it there?

The booklet has quite a few beautiful illustrations.

I like the strap on the back of the leather cover that keeps it in place. They should make these for books today. Maybe they do? I think that is why this booklet remained in such good shape.