You know when you come across something that catches your eye or perks your interest and wonder if it is rare or worth showing people who might think so to? Then you find most people you know in your circle have no interest in the same things you do and they start looking at you funny or their face glosses over when they “tune” you out.

That’s me. I don’t ask myself if it is okay to find something interesting or if people might find it strange. Normal things can be interesting too, like the skeleton of a dead leaf on a tree that you happen to notice on a hiking trail or a product you never knew about and can’t believe you lived all this time without it. A book or belief system that begs you to find out what it is all about.

There really is no end to what can qualify as interesting. That is why you will find many different things here. There will be no specific topic or subject, anything that catches my fancy will pop up in a post.

Who knows, maybe you will have the same thing and can fill me in on its history? You might make the same crafts, love photography or like learning something new. Tips are always welcome too.